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This is your host Madhvi Gupta, a voracious reader, and plant-lover.


Being a working professional, I juggled between sales targets, daily chores, family, and keeping my sanity intact. Like you, I too felt drained out, every single day.


Therefore, I resorted to reading books, blogs and started trying new recipes to take the heat off and feel better. I learned so much in the process and am really excited to share them with you on this blog.

So, pal, you will find here well-curated foolproof tips to improve yourself at almost everything and the fact-based benefits of a healthy lifestyle.


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Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone loves food. I started loving it even more when I got married to a Punjabi Guy. Trust me their love for food and White butter is insane!


Well, the love for food was soon visible not only to me but to the world, around my waist, thighs, and almost everywhere on my body. I started to have issues like knee pain, dull skin, fatigue, mood swings, and the list is endless!


I shifted my focus from satisfying my taste bud to eating the right food and physical fitness. I took the help of dieticians, health-related apps, Ayurveda textbooks, etc. With time, I witnessed the magical benefits of eating clean homemade food and workouts on my overall health.


It is a beautiful feeling to nourish your mind and body and live a healthy lifestyle, let's endure it together!


We share the knowledge about the right food, simple delicious recipes, and everything about living a healthy lifestyle.


I have worked for 8 years in 9 to 5 jobs and enjoyed the process of becoming a better & confident person, each day.

Not only just our work but our personal life, daily chores, finances and health become difficult to manage. And, if you miss out on balancing them, life becomes pale and pretty difficult, both physically and mentally.


It does take a toll on our mental and physical health.

The way to manage all of these is to keep your head sorted. You have to take control of your life, find simple, smart ways to manage things, and also feel Peaceful at heart.

Sounds like a relief, isn’t it?

 Here on this blog, we share many ideas that are practical and easy to follow in order to lead a meaningful life. So, Join us Now!


I truly believe that we cannot love others until we love ourselves first.  

But, we females, invariably ignore ourselves until it reaches an alarming stage for us.  And, to hide those long-ignored wrinkles, bulging fat, dull skin- we try quick-fix solutions and end up burning our hard-earned money on salons and cosmetics products.

Well, the self-care section of this blog is dedicated to Grandmas and their secret natural remedies. I have curated some interesting, easy-to-follow beauty, skin & hair care DIYs for you to try.


This is my favourite section, do keep a tap of new posts on self-care by subscribing to this blog.

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